About Us

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Access Vascular is led by Dr. Patrik Tosenovsky, PhD, who is experienced vascular specialist.

Access Vascular offers non-invasive testing for both arterial and venous diseases for everyone regardless of the level of insurance. Tests are very reliable, readily accessible and we bulk-bill our patients. Access Vascular provides up-to-date arterial and venous diagnostics and treatment including key-hole surgery (endovascular repair) as well as open surgery for all vascular pathologies.

Access Vascular brings cutting edge technology for all patients without gap.  Our patients have full access to intra vascular ultrasound (IVUS) despite the technology being excluded from Medicare rebate without our patients being charged. We also allow our patients to be treated be many forms of modern technologies and techniques while offering a completely bulk-billed testing service.

Access Vascular cooperates with leading experts worldwide, consults unusual cases with international experts, cooperates in multinational trials and studies mainly in the field of venous pathologies.

We do treat all vascular pathologies including diabetic foot syndrome, arterial obstructions, aneurysms, deep vein thrombosis, chronic venous disease (varicose veins and post-thrombotic syndrome), pelvic congestion, thoracic outlet, and more.

Access Vascular is integral part of our cardiovascular team, therefore we have unique ability to treat patient as a whole person.  We believe that assessing a person from cardiac and vascular perspective makes more sense than being focused on individual systems separately. Cooperation between cardiology and vascular surgery brings satisfaction to both clients and our doctors.

Access Vascular can offer almost unlimited treatment options for both privately insured patients (mainly in Hollywood Private Hospital, Mount hospital) and to uninsured patients from the catchment area of Royal Perth Hospital.

Amongst our key values dominates individual approach to every client focused on a good outcome for each and every one.